Friday, February 18, 2011

Women's Wellness - from External Techno Control to Inner Dominion

by Maria Pologeorgis
The global consciousness of women is sculpting a new model of health. This consciousness is evolving from the old focus on dis-ease into the new concept of wellness. Intrinsic in this wellness model is the concept of wholeness. As more and more women move into their innate knowing and embodiment of the Divine Feminine, they are healing and becoming whole.

This inner guidance prompts women to ask themselves: What is my role as a woman, other than a wife, mother, daughter? Is my social life balanced between relating with others and reflection time with self? Am I nurturing others as much as I allow others to nurture me? Do I receive as much time, love and investment of my energy as I give? Is my expression of my creative passion well received in my relationships?

The most basic and fundamental question women ask themselves when looking within is: "Are my choices dis-eased based - consuming and depleting - or wellness - based - enhancing and fulfilling." Taking dominion of our lives and quietly listening to the innate feminine wisdom is cooperating with the consciousness of our wellness.

This wellness consciousness encourages the commitment to living, creating, enjoying and passionately expressing the balanced union of masculine and feminine energies. The more we all personify this natural law of union the more we heal. The channel for this expression is the body/mind of womanhood.

The term body/mind is used because the body and mind are interrelated systems that cannot be separated. The mind's focus encodes thought (father - masculine energy) and emotion (mother - feminine energy) and converts them into substance, which is then stored in the cells of the body.
The merging of the emotional energy field with the physical energy field is the Divine Feminine. The Divine Masculine is the thought seed. This body/mind energy system is dynamic, and one can create healing or dis-ease depending on one's focus.

If the body/mind energy congeals, rather than flows, disease will follow in the location of the frozen energy. If the body/mind energy flows, the energy will thaw, creating healing.

When we listen to the inner guidance of our body/mind system, we can track our mental, emotonal and physical patterns. By translating the body's health or dis-ease language, we can determine whether we are producing dis-ease or wellness.

According to studies, breast cancer is the most common form of cancer among women, and the leading cause of death for women between the ages of 40-50. Studies also have shown Long Island women have higher risk factors for breast cancer than the national average. As a result of this elevated risk, more and more women on Long Island are raising their consciousness and aligning themselves with holism and holistic modalities and practices.

We can also explore the psycho-spiritual significance of this dis-ease pattern. For instance, the breasts symbolize nurturing, and the giving and receiving in life. Perhaps Long Island women feel an imbalance in the giving and receiving in their lives? Perhaps they require more nurturing and the resulting resentment freezes in their breast tissue, creating a cancerous pattern?

In connecting with the frozen energetic, the congealed imbalance can thaw, the emotions can flow and healing can begin. Once this is brought to surface, lifestyle changes to re-balance the giving and receiving pattern of nurturing can lead to patterns of wellness living rather than dis-ease management. This can be the outcome of looking within and heeding the voice of inner guidance.

As women listen to their inner guidance and respond accordingly, rather than follow the external techno-control model, a "healing" begins to occur rather than a "curing". "Physician heal thyself" is a powerful prescription.