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Sacred Rose Organic Herbal Tea – Awakening the Healthy Mind and Body Inside You
Posted on Jan 31st, 2012
Sacred Rose Organic Herbal Tea – Awakening the Healthy Mind and Body Inside You

Most of us are well aware of the benefits of drinking herbal tea. This may not necessarily be from personal experience; you don’t even have to be a tea drinker to appreciate the curative qualities that have been long been associated with herbal tea. There is enough information on the net these days, urging people to make the switch and dump their favorite high sugar, high fat, low-nutrition, commercially processed drink in favor of something more stimulating, more energizing, and more…natural.

If you find yourself visited by the urge to embrace a more holistic lifestyle, you might want to check out SacredRoseTea.com – one of the leading purveyors of hand blended healing tisanes on the Internet. Maria Pologeorgis, proprietress of the Sacred Rose brand offers 8 unique loose leaf blends that are designed to activate not just the mind or the body, but also your soul.

Made by combining the natural goodness of various plants while using a process that retains their distinctive aroma and taste, Maria’s therapeutic blends stimulate the body’s innate healing ability, allowing it to cope with a variety of problems on its own.

Here are some of the more popular blends sold at SacredRoseTea.com:

Clearing Tea®: A heady combination of taheebo, spearmint, black walnut bark, rose hip, and sage, Clearing Tea® deals effectively with stress while detoxifying the colon in the process.
Morning Blossom®: Start your day with this invigorating concoction of spearmint, peppermint, ginger, alfalfa, and rose which is great for people who experience respiratory problems.
Soul of the Rose®: If you like the name, you are going to love this blend that brings together alfalfa, cloves, pink rose buds, and rose hips. Maria recommends this blend to people who’ve undergone a trauma, especially people who’ve survived sexual abuse.
Inner Peace®: If it is relaxation you are after, Inner Peace® is your best choice. This blend of sage, passion flower, and chamomile calms you physically as well as mentally.
Mother Earth Zest®: As the name suggests, it’s a zestful combination of spearmint, ginger, sage, and fennel that helps you get over digestive problems.
Dreamtime®: Having sleep trouble? Reach out for Dreamtime® – an insomniac’s best friend. It combines the goodness of skullcap, passion flower, valerian, and chamomile, thereby promoting deep sleep and ensuring you wake up well rested the following morning.

In addition to herbal tea blends, SacredRoseTea also stocks an exotic collection of Yixing tea sets, known to be the best vessel for brewing tea and prized by tea aficionados as collectors’ items. It has firmly established its superiority over all other kinds of teaware owing to the use of the very unique zisha clay found near the city of Yixing, in the Jiangsu province in China.

These teapots have low water absorption rate and low thermal conductivity. This, when combined with the double air hole design, adds significantly to its brewing properties. Whether you simply wish to admire them for their artistic value or hope to give someone close to you a gift they will remember forever, Yixing teaware is the perfect investment of your money. And what’s a great place to get them? SacredRoseTea.com, of course!

Symbolism of Rose Colours

Symbolism of Rose Colours
Red: I love you
Dark pink: Appreciation, Gratitude, Thank you
Light pink: Admiration, Sympathy, Grace, Joy, Sweetness
Yellow with red tips: Friendship, Falling in love
Red and White: Given together, these signify unity
Red and Yellow: Happy feelings
Peach: Closing the deal, Let's get together, Sincerity
Pale Peach: Modesty
Coral: Desire
Blue: The impossible, Unattainable
Black: Death, Farewell, Goodbye
Red Rosebud: Purity and Loveliness
White Rosebud: Symbol of girlhood
Sacred Rose® Tea www.sacredrose.us

Monday, January 30, 2012

Soul of the Rose® - Sacred Marriage - Celebrating Valentine's Day

Soul of the Rose®:

In the times of the Goddess, cryptic symbols were utilized to direct lost souls on the path of consciousness. The Rose is one of those symbols.

The Rose is symbolic of sacred female sexuality. In ancient Goddess culture, the five-petal Rose represents the five phases of female life: birth, menstruation, motherhood, menopause, and death.

The Rose is also an anagram for Eros, the Greek God of sexual love. Rose and Eros unified are Hieros Gamos, sacred marriage.

The blossoming Rose personifies the blessed womb.

Soul of the Rose® is a delicate and joyful Sacred Rose® Organic Herbal Blend of cloves, alfalfa, rose hips, and pink rose buds www.sacredrose.us

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Deep Space 9 Pour me a little more tea

"Deep Space 9 Pour me a little more tea, would you dear? I can drink it till it comes out of my ears."
-Garek, Star Trek,
Sacred Rose® Organic Herbal Tea www.sacredrosetea.com

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Tea! thou soft, thou sober, sage,

Tea! thou soft, thou sober, sage, and venerable liquid,... thou female tongue-running, smile-smoothing, heart-opening, wind-tippling cordial, to whose glorious insipidity I owe the happiest moment of my life, let me fall prostrate. ~Colley Cibber, Lady's Last Stake

For the love of tea...Sacred Rose® Organic Herbal Tea www.sacredrosetea.com


Tea is drunk to forget the din of the world. ~T'ien Yiheng
Sacred Rose Tea www.sacredrose.us


Tea is liquid wisdom. - Anonymous Author
Sacred Rose® Organic Herbal Tea www.sacredrosetea.com

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Dreamtime® - For Nocturnals, Insomniacs & Sleepwalkers...


Dreamtime® - a soothing brew of passion flower, skullcap, chamomile and valerian that promotes a deep sense of peace after an overactive day providing a wonderful prelude to a peaceful night's rest. Opens the Sixth Chakra so one can dream their vision in life while soothing the physical body so one can easily move from insomnia into a well rested sleep. Sacred Rose® Organic Herbal Tea www.sacredrosetea.com

Have a Cuppa Tea - The Kinks

‎"Whatever the situation,
Whatever the race or creed,
Tea knows no segregation,
No class or pedigree.
It knows no motivation,
No sect or organization,
It knows no one religion,
Nor political belief."

Have a Cuppa Tea
- The Kinks

Sacred Rose® Organic Herbal Tea www.sacredrose.us

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Tea Tasting

Tea tasting, much like wine tasting, uses similar steps; visual, smell, taste and touch.

Lift Your Mood This Morning!

Lift your mood naturally with the aroma and taste of Morning Blossom® - Sacred Rose® Tea, full of organic peppermint known to be beneficial with respiratory ailments and ginger an instant mood enhancer. www.sacredrosetea.com

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What is Herbal Tea or Tisane?

What is Herbal Tea or Tisane?

What is Herbal Tea or Tisane?

Herbal teas or tisanes do not contain leaves from camellia sinensis in general and therefore are not regarded as true teas. Herbal teas can be pure or blends of plant leaves, flowers or roots, spices and/or fruit components. A more accurate name for herbal tea is herbal infusion or tisane.

The English word "tisane" originates from the Greek word πτισάνη (ptisanē).

Tisanes are often consumed for their therapeutic effects, especially for their stimulant, relaxant or sedative properties.

Inner Peace® - Sacred Rose® Tisane is a relaxing medley of organic chamomile, organic sage and organic passion flower that assists the emotional and physical bodies to calm. Relaxing to an an upset stomach.


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tea & Teachings presented by Maria Pologeorgis - Sacred Rose Organic Herbal Tea. Join us for a tasting at Natural Living Expo Sturbridge Host Hotel Sturbridge MA Sept 29-30, 2012 www.sacredrosetisane.com

Monday, January 23, 2012

Beloved® Tea for Sweethearts

Sacred Rose® Organic Herbal Tea

This Valentine's Day is for tea lovers

Beloved® -a consummate alchemy aphrodisiac of damiana leaf, jasmine, hibiscus, hawthorn, pomegranate and wild cherry bark, blended under the Law of Resonance of the One Sacred Heart of the Creational Flame. Activates the vibration of being loved,

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Herbal Tea Health Briefs

Health Briefs

Herbal Tea Benefits
Herbal tea is swiftly gaining in popularity thanks to recent publicity about the health benefits of a natural organic lifestyle.
Herbal beverages commonly known as tea are actually herbal infusions – also known as tisanes.
Tisanes are made from the flowers, leaves, barks and roots of herbs and are infused in boiling water – unlike tea they do not come from the Camellia sinensis bush, the plant from which all teas are made.

Here are some of the benefits of herbal tea when consumed on a daily basis.
· Achieve a more calm, relaxed state of mind
· Support heart health
· Aid with stomach and digestive problems
· Provide cleansing properties for the body
· Promote energy and wellness

Metaphysical Briefs

All Creation holds a vibrational frequency. Plants are themselves living systems of transformed light. The plant queendom creates a hospitable home for humanity to inhabit through their oxygenating life cycles.

Herbal Teas are ancient, holistic remedies utilized by our ancestress lineage. Throughout history women communed with Gaia in reverence of her wisdom, Maria Pologeorgis is one of these women. She is the president of Sacred Rose® Organic Herbal Tea. Sacred Rose® is a conscious company honoring the communique' of Gaia and her sacred plant relations.

Sacred Rose® Organic Herbal Teas are blended to hold specific patterns of vibration. Each Sacred Rose.® blend infuses and activates a distinct physical, mental, emotional & spiritual pattern. There are eight signature blends as well as seasonal tisanes. Each tea resonates with a specific vibrational frequency moving the conscious consumer into wholeness.

Two popular blends are Clearing ®, which physically is associated with the colon and facilitates a detox. Clearing® tea is consumed as a powerful metaphysical healing agent to purge etheric parasites from the aura.

Dreamtime® is a tea for visionaries, meditators or those who are choosing to open their third eye so they can manifest their dreams in life, a common withhold for people who experience insomnia

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Beloved® with an Herbal Valentine's Day

All cultures from the beginning of time have utilized herbs to nurture feelings of romance.

The three classes of herbs that support human sexuality are adaptogens, nervines and aphrodisiacs.

Adaptogenic herbals also known as tonics strengthen the immune system and help a person “adapt” to stressors.

Nervines are plant remedies that assist the central nervous system relax.

Aphrodisiacs play a supportive role in human sexual behavior by stimulating sensual desire.

Examples of adaptogens are wild cherry bark which is a tonic that calms the respiratory nerves. Hawthorn berry, a member of the rose family is an adaptogen that supports the circulatory system and the heart.

Jasmine has a seductive aroma and is especially good for inducing feelings of euphoria. Jasmine is one of the nervines known to reduce anxiety.

A prominent player in aphrodisiac lore is the pomegranate. Research touts it to support male virility. Damiana leaves have a long reputation of possessing aphrodisiac properties and are recognized to give nourishment to the female sex organs. Hibiscus flowers are high in vitamin C also ignite the senses evoking the essence of sexual lure.

An online tea company that offers tea lovers the ability to experience a sensual herbal Valentine while stimulating the body’s innate ability to maintain vitality is Sacred Rose® Organic Herbal Tea. Beloved® - a Sacred Rose® Organic Herbal Tea signature blend offers couples an alternative to the main stream flowers and chocolate.

Beloved® Tea is Sacred Rose® alchemy aphrodisiac blended to inspire intimacy. Beloved® is an infusion of damiana leaf, jasmine, hibiscus flowers, hawthorn berry, pomegranate and wild cherry bark.

This Valentine’s day tea lovers can be loved at www.sacredrosetea.com