Wednesday, August 14, 2013

In the times of the Goddess, cryptic symbols were used to direct souls on the path of consciousness.  The Rose is one of those symbols.  The Rose is symbolic of sacred female sexuality. 
Soul of the Rose® Tea blend of cloves, alfalfa, rose hips and pink rose buds assists the sensual body in opening to the pleasures of taste, touch, smell, hearing and more intimate levels of healing.

Sacred Rose® Herbal Interpretations (Readings with the Herbs)

Sacred Rose® Herbal Interpretations
(Readings with the Herbs)
The soul has the possibility to progress and all courses of action have an effect on the progression as well as non-action can deter the progression or keep old patterns repeating.
The body/mind is imprinted with everything that is taken in and given out.  What a person hears, does, eats or drinks, fights or plays with, despises or enjoys all have an effect on progressing or halting soul evolution. Situations from childhood also can be repeated or changed.
Herbs are the Earth’s living medicine. They are effective healing agents due to their natural resonance with life.    Sacred Rose® Organic Herbal Teas stimulate the ability to heal.  Each Sacred Rose® blend facilitates a process within the person, opening the gateway for the possibility of a change in consciousness.    Maria Pologeorgis of Sacred Rose® Organic Herbal Tea is scheduling  for you and your friends at your location to sip herbal tea, and learn what insights the herbs have to tell you  about yourself.  Learn how to read yourself through Sacred Rose® Tea and get a Sacred Rose® interpretation (reading) through the herbs and the body , by appointment. Call for more info  631.404-5251 Maria Pologeorgis