Friday, August 19, 2011

Matri: Tea of the Mother from Sacred Rose

Matri: Tea of the Mother from Sacred Rose
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Type Of leaves: Herbal Tisane
Name Of Tea: Matri: Tea of the Mother
Available From: Sacred Rose

Matri: Tea of the Mother from Sacred Rose

It has been a gloomy few days here in NYC. The grey clouds are heavy and the tops of skyscrapers are veiled in misty fog. This weather makes it difficult to get up in the morning, and seems to enhance little aches and pains. I’ve been saving a special herbal tea for just the right occasion and I could use a little pick-me-up after this depressing weather. I don’t usually drink tisanes, as I’m not a huge fan of herbal or floral tasting brews. But I love to try new things. I’m glad I kept an open mind.

Sacred Rose teas come in a lovely brown and pink striped box, which brightens up my day just by looking at it. The leaves smell like dried grass and herbs, but I can’t pinpoint anything specific. I added a bunch of the mixture to a cup with a strainer, and poured in the hot water. The brew smells very grassy, which I assume is from the alfalfa and dandelion. There is also a hint of lemon and ginger.

It has a very pleasant taste. Gently grassy, a bit lemony and a slight taste of ginger. It has a nice calming effect. It is very soft and smooth on the tongue. I’ve had a sore throat for a few days, and this tisane is definitely soothing my throat a bit. On this damp and cloudy day, it is warming and cheerful. The grassy flavor makes me hopeful for sunny days out in the park.

Sacred Rose describes this tea as:

A delicate blend of nettles, red raspberry, rose hips, alfalfa, dandelion, lemon and ginger that breathes women in birth in the most high and loving way. This tea mineralizes the physical body. Metaphysically it activates the frequency of manifestation; concept into fruition assisting those who often procrastinate in life.

Even though I am not an expectant mother, I do have two young children and could use a special tea like this when I am particularly exhausted. If you have any dear mother friends out there, especially those that are expecting, this uplifting tea would make a beautiful gift.

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