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Sacred Rose Organic Herbal Tea – Awakening the Healthy Mind and Body Inside You
Posted on Jan 31st, 2012
Sacred Rose Organic Herbal Tea – Awakening the Healthy Mind and Body Inside You

Most of us are well aware of the benefits of drinking herbal tea. This may not necessarily be from personal experience; you don’t even have to be a tea drinker to appreciate the curative qualities that have been long been associated with herbal tea. There is enough information on the net these days, urging people to make the switch and dump their favorite high sugar, high fat, low-nutrition, commercially processed drink in favor of something more stimulating, more energizing, and more…natural.

If you find yourself visited by the urge to embrace a more holistic lifestyle, you might want to check out SacredRoseTea.com – one of the leading purveyors of hand blended healing tisanes on the Internet. Maria Pologeorgis, proprietress of the Sacred Rose brand offers 8 unique loose leaf blends that are designed to activate not just the mind or the body, but also your soul.

Made by combining the natural goodness of various plants while using a process that retains their distinctive aroma and taste, Maria’s therapeutic blends stimulate the body’s innate healing ability, allowing it to cope with a variety of problems on its own.

Here are some of the more popular blends sold at SacredRoseTea.com:

Clearing Tea®: A heady combination of taheebo, spearmint, black walnut bark, rose hip, and sage, Clearing Tea® deals effectively with stress while detoxifying the colon in the process.
Morning Blossom®: Start your day with this invigorating concoction of spearmint, peppermint, ginger, alfalfa, and rose which is great for people who experience respiratory problems.
Soul of the Rose®: If you like the name, you are going to love this blend that brings together alfalfa, cloves, pink rose buds, and rose hips. Maria recommends this blend to people who’ve undergone a trauma, especially people who’ve survived sexual abuse.
Inner Peace®: If it is relaxation you are after, Inner Peace® is your best choice. This blend of sage, passion flower, and chamomile calms you physically as well as mentally.
Mother Earth Zest®: As the name suggests, it’s a zestful combination of spearmint, ginger, sage, and fennel that helps you get over digestive problems.
Dreamtime®: Having sleep trouble? Reach out for Dreamtime® – an insomniac’s best friend. It combines the goodness of skullcap, passion flower, valerian, and chamomile, thereby promoting deep sleep and ensuring you wake up well rested the following morning.

In addition to herbal tea blends, SacredRoseTea also stocks an exotic collection of Yixing tea sets, known to be the best vessel for brewing tea and prized by tea aficionados as collectors’ items. It has firmly established its superiority over all other kinds of teaware owing to the use of the very unique zisha clay found near the city of Yixing, in the Jiangsu province in China.

These teapots have low water absorption rate and low thermal conductivity. This, when combined with the double air hole design, adds significantly to its brewing properties. Whether you simply wish to admire them for their artistic value or hope to give someone close to you a gift they will remember forever, Yixing teaware is the perfect investment of your money. And what’s a great place to get them? SacredRoseTea.com, of course!

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