Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spring Detox Tea

Spring is upon us and so is the concept of spring cleaning. Spring cleaning is not only for the cluttered closets of home but also the dormant pathogens in our body.

According to health food advocates symptoms of a toxic body system, can be headaches, sinus congestion, constipation, joint pain and inflammation. Chronic fatigue and/or increased irritability may be indicators of a stressed body system with toxic overload.

You can regain your health, balance and youthfulness through detoxing.

Detox this spring with Clearing Tea® to look and feel great, and being able to do it with natural organic beverages is as easy as enjoying a cup of tea. Too many late winter nights out on the town and cocktail parties can leave your body dehydrated and fatigued.

Clearing Tea® - a robust blend of black walnut bark, taheebo, spearmint, sage and rose hips designed to assist in purging stress and uprooting trauma. Clearing Tea® is a highly effective anti-parasitic agent working to cleanse the physical and emotional body of toxic debris. On the physical level it detoxifies the colon.

Enjoy a cup of wellness Sacred Rose® Organic Herbal Tea

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