Tuesday, June 6, 2017

It’s wedding season and a time for honored botanical traditions and ceremonies.
Blessing of the Seven Spices is unique wedding ceremony tradition of blending spices to demonstrate a vivacious and graced marriage. The tradition gets its roots from the Middle East and many variations are seen today. One such is, seven small bowls are placed before the bride and groom, each containing a spice. The bride and groom alternate and sprinkle spice by spice scooping them into a small... pouch, creating a marital spice blend signifying love is the spice of life. Spices presently used are
Rosemary for prosperity
Sugar for a sweet life
Garlic to keep the couple safe
Savory for balance in their lives
Nutmeg for romance
Paprika for passion

Authentic Middle Eastern tradition is the Wedding Sofreh Aghd Tray, calls for the following seven spices: Khashkhash (poppy seeds), Berenj (wild rice), salt, Raziyane (Nigella seeds aka coriander or fennel), Cha’i (black tea leaves), Sabzi Khoshk (Angelica) and Kondor (Frankincense). This wedding spice tradition is a protective talisman against the evil eye.
Sacred Rose Herb & Root
Plants, Potions, Ptisanes & Premonitions
Photo Credit Persian Wedding Sofreh Aghd
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